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Theses and Dissertations — 2022

Masters Theses

Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Jagadesh Veerasamy Dr. Alamgir Karim Dielectric Polymers and Nanocomposite Thin Films for High Energy Storage Capacitors [Link]
Anusha Vonteddu Dr. Alamgir Karim EHD of Coacervate Droplets and the Transition Stages in Their Deformation Under Uniform AC Electric Field


Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Michael Cai Dr. Ramanan Krishnamoorti Pressure-Property Relationships in High-Performance Elastomers [Link]
Kuan Cheng Dr. Haleh Ardebili Development of Flexible Triboelectric Nanogenerators and All-Solid Lithium-Ion Polymer Batteries for Energy Conversion and Storage Purposes [Link]
Hamidreza Fallahtafti Dr. Alamgir Karim Flexible Energy Storage Devices, Electric Double Layer Capacitor (Supercapacitor) with Gel Polymer Electrolyte [Link]
Pegah Faria Dr. Alamgir Karim Soft Confinement Pattern Induced Segregation of Homopolymer Blends of Disparate Chain Dimensions
Carlos Alberto Favela Dr. Venkat Selvamanickam Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition of III-V Materials for Low-Cost Photovoltaic Applications [Link]
Banafsheh Hekmatnia Dr. Haleh Ardebili Flexible and Stretchable Lithium-Ion Battery Based on Solid Polymer Electrolyte
Nam-In Kim Dr. Jae-Hyun Ryou Flexible Piezoelectric Sensors Based on Single-Crystalline III-N Thin Films for Personal-Healthcare and Extreme- Environment Applications [Link]
Mohammadjavad Mohebinia Dr. Jiming Bao Bismuth Oxyhalide Nanosheets with Adjustable Band Edge Potentials for Photocatalytic Ammonia Generation [Link]
Mahesh Kumar Paidpilli Dr. Venkat Selvamanickam Development of 50-Meters Length Thick Film REBCO Coated Conductors [Link]
Farnaz Safi Samghabadi Dr. Dmitri Litvinov Development and Characterization of Magnetoelectric Nanocomposites and Thin-Film Laminates for Biosensor Applications [Link]
Sahil Sharma Dr. Venkat Selvamanickam Development of Inexpensive and Flexible Single Junction GaAs Solar Cells for Photovoltaics Applications Using Novel Cost Reduction Strategies [Link]
Libo Wu Dr. Zhifeng Ren High Performance Non-Noble-Metal Based Catalysts for Water and Seawater Electrolysis [Link]
Miad Yarali Dr. Jae-Hyun Ryou Ultra-Wide Bandgap AIN Based Semiconductor Materials for Optoelectronic and Sensing Devices [Link]
Chuqing Yuan Dr. Alamgir Karim Control of Imprint Ability, Morphology, and Phase Behavior in Various Polymer Thin Films with Ionic Additives